PSI 30th World Congress

Celebrating 110 years of Public Services International (1907-2017) in Geneva, Switzerland

30th October — 3rd November 2017

110 years after PSI’s very first Congress, workers from across the world will gather in Geneva, Switzerland: to reject the privatization of our lives, to unveil the un-truths of corporate ideology amongst the chaos of market failure, to construct alternatives based on the power of organized labour, and to fight for our firm belief: People Over Profit!

Switzerland 1916: a group of artists, misfits, political exiles and revolutionaries gather to create the Dada movement. For the dadaists, the language and imagery of the established political order and ruling classes was, quite simply, complete nonsense.

101 years later, in an age where advertising and marketing relentlessly bombards the eye with impossible images, in an age where prominent politicians spout non-truths and nonsense, in an age where long-dead economic ideas are wheeled out and worshipped: in our age Dada’s rejection of orthodoxy remains more relevant than ever.

PSI’s 30th World Congress will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, from Monday 30th October to Friday 3rd November 2017, at the

Geneva International Conference Centre (CICG)
17 rue de Varembé
CH – 1211 Genève 20
T +41 22 791 91 11
F+41 22 791 90 64



Pre-registration open now

This registration form (please click here) should ONLY be completed by participants who will be attending Congress at their own cost or who have been otherwise invited to do so by the PSI Secretariat.

Sponsorships are being processed through the regional bodies. Selected candidates will be contacted directly for registration in due course.


Economists and Politicians who say that problems in economy are due to a big public sector are wrong.

Even worse is their medicine: Austerity. This medicine will make the situation even more severe.

Britta Lejon,
The union of Civil Servants (ST),

Privatisation has failed, it has impoverished women and girls access to decent work, equal pay and pensions. Essential services need to remain in public hands.

Public-public partnerships and public-community partnerships are a way of doing it.

Gloria Mills