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Emergency Resolution No. 5 – Presented by SINDSEP-SP, Brazil

December 18, 2017 by Marcelo Netto


EN Emerg Res No. 5 São Paulo is not for Sale

FR Emerg Res No. 5 São Paulo is not for Sale

ES Emerg Res No 5 São Paulo is not for Sale

PT Emerg Res No 5 São Paulo is not for Sale

EN Emerg Res No. 5  Sao Paulo is not for Sale

The Executive Board of Public Services International,

elected by its 30th World Congress (Geneva, Switzerland, on 30th October to 3rd November 2017), meeting on 3 November 2017,


RECOGNIZES that Brazil suffered a coup d’état in 2016, organized with the main objective of implementing an ultraliberal agenda that could not win through elections, an agenda which aims to end labour rights, deliver riches such as the pre-salt oil resources, stifle social policies, impose privatizations and end the public pension system;


RECOGNIZES that João Doria was elected Mayor of São Paulo in a conservative wave rejecting traditional politics, on a platform to contest the presidency of the Republic in 2018, a platform comprising the implementation of extreme austerity measures and massive cuts in public policies and services;


UNDERSTANDS that João Doria is implementing an agenda of municipal privatizations never before seen in Brazil, including of public services, public spaces, cemeteries, parks, markets, transportation systems, land and public buildings, libraries, historical and cultural heritage, all for full exploitation by capital, without any consideration for the city and without any social control;


DECIDES that PSI directly support the movements in São Paulo, organized in the campaign “São Paulo IS NOT FOR SALE”, which is informing the population about what the media hides and is collecting sufficient signatures to initiate legislation that will require the holding of referenda, so that the population may decide on any process of privatization or concession in the city.



Presented by SINDSEP-SP, Union of Workers in Public Administration of São Paulo City, Brazil.