About the Congress

Every five years, PSI holds a World Congress where discussion and decisions strengthen our activities and organising ability.

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Through an engaging participatory format, Congress 2017 will focus on building an effective Programme of Action for 2018-2022; creating a more agile and sustainable organisation; constitutional changes; sharing challenges and best practices across sectors and regions.


We are coming together in a time of crisis:

In our age, Dada’s rejection of orthodoxy remains more relevant than ever…
Complete Nonsense



Constitutional dates and deadlines

28 Mar


Constitution Annex 4, Resolutions, a)

All motions/resolutions submitted by affiliated organisations and the Executive Board forinclusion in the agenda of an ordinary session of Congress must be received by theGeneral Secretary at least seven months before the beginning of Congress.

28 Jun


Constitution Annex 4, Resolutions, c)

Amendments to motions/resolutions must be received by the General Secretary four months before the beginning of Congress.

28 Jun


Constitution Annex 4, Participation at Congress, a)

The names of delegates and observers shall be submitted to the General Secretary not later than four months before Congress. The General Secretary shall scrutinise these nominations and advise affiliates if they are not in compliance with the constitutional requirements.

1 Jul


Constitution Article 4

Affiliated organisations, which at the 1st July of the payment year have not paid their fees and have not been granted exemption shall be declared to be in arrears for that year and will lose their PSI rights and entitlements and will be so informed. These rights and entitlements shall include:

  • participation in any PSI event, activity or programme;
  • sponsorship to any PSI event, activity or programme (only for countries below the 100% index);
  • membership on any PSI committee, working group or other PSI structure, except for the Executive Board and the Steering Committee, where the provisions of Annex 5, “Mandate and internal rules of the Executive Board” shall apply.

28 Aug


Constitution Annex 4, Election of President and of General Secretary, a)

(excerpt) ... nominations for the positions of President and General Secretary should be received by the Elections Officer identified in Article 6, paragraph 9 at least two months before Congress.

28 Sep


Constitution Annex 4, Participation at Congress, h)

Any affiliated organisation unable to be represented at Congress may authorise the delegate of another organisation from the same sub-region to represent it. Such authorisation shall be valid on condition that the General Secretary of PSI is informed of it in writing four weeks in advance by the organisation giving authority. No organisation may exercise the proxy votes of more than three other organisations.

31 Oct

Deadline for affiliates to submit emergency resolutions to PSI

Host affiliates

Public Services International brings together more than 20 million workers, represented by 669 unions in 154 countries and territories. In Switzerland, PSI has three affiliates:

Syndicat Suisse des Services Publics


  • Founded in
  • seats

The SSP trade union represents public service workers and defends public services. Anyone who works in the public sector – whether you are a teacher, a nurse, an administrative assistant, a town council gardener, social worker or firefighter can join the SSP.

It does not matter whether your employer is the Confederation, a canton, a commune or a private company that has a contract to deliver public services, you will always be welcome! In the SSP, it is the members who count. The SSP has 35,000 members, all reflecting on and taking action to defend the future of their profession, the world of work and public services.


Staff Union of the International Labour Organization

ILO Staff

  • Founded in
  • seats

The objects of the Union shall be to defend and promote the professional, economic and social interests of all persons in the employment of the International Labour Organization, particularly by the satisfactory regulation and improvement of conditions of employment, work and welfare in the widest sense; to defend the interests of persons formerly in the employment of the ILO; to cooperate with the Director-General in seeking to reach the objectives of the Organization and ensure the efficient working of the Organization; and to safeguard the status, independence and safety of all categories of staff employed by the ILO.

Moreover, the Union shall participate in defending the rights of the international civil service, in particular defending the independence, terms and conditions of employment and the safety of international civil servants.

In order to promote the fundamental trade union rights and to improve international civil servants’ terms and conditions of employment, the Union may work with persons from other international organizations and their associations or unions, as well as with any other similar structure.


United Nations Geneva Staff Coordinating Council

UN Geneva

  • Founded in
  • seats

The UNOG Staff Coordinating Council is the union for all staff at UNOG (which includes UNCTAD, OCHA, ECE, OHCHR, UNRISD and other Secretariat staff in Geneva).

The Council has 25 seats, which are filled by election. The Council in turn elects an Executive Bureau. Information on the Council's activities are contained on this site.

The Coordinating Council is not mandated to assist Geneva-based staff of the funds and programmes (UNDP, UNICEF, UNHCR) nor staff of the specialized agencies. These staff are requested to contact their respective unions.


PSI Congress Registration

This registration form (please click here) should ONLY be completed by participants who will be attending Congress at their own cost or who have been otherwise invited to do so by the PSI Secretariat.



Sponsorships are being processed through the regional bodies. Selected candidates will be contacted directly for registration in due course.



Accommodation, Venue and Travelling

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